Ever wanted to connect with people going to the same music festivals, raves, undergrounds, or clubs you are going to? Ever wanted to browse the guest lists of these events and be able to hit up anyone about pre-parties, after-parties, or just locate like minded, chill people in your area that are ACTUALLY down to kick it? RollRandom® has you covered. RollRandom connects you with the people and events you WANT to connect with minus the BS. Everyone that decides to Roll Random is here for the same reason. The only thing that matters is that you have an open mind and are down to meet new people.

RollRandom solves the all-too-familiar question of “Who’s nearby and actually wants to do something?” With a highly customizable broadcast feed, the ability to browse nearby users, and user-created events, RollRandom facilitates targeted and easy, spontaneous and/or planned real world meetups.

It’s pretty simple. Post, Connect, Meet, Repeat.


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